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Reflect for Palm OS. Reflect turns your handheld into a mirror.

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Reflect for Palm OS

Reflect turns your handheld into a mirror. By turning the screen black, you can see yourself on the shiny, reflective screen of most handhelds. Reflect has many features and open source code.




Load the release file -- Reflect.prc -- onto your Palm OS device. You may use any supported file transfer method, such as USB or Bluetooth, offered by your operating system or application software like Palm Desktop, HotSync Manager, or Install Tool.


This application requires Palm OS 3.0 or greater.

Some optional functionality requires the following:


This version of Reflect was created using:

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Release History

v1.2 - 05 Jul 2008

v1.1.1 - 16 Oct 2005

v1.1 - 23 Aug 2002

v1.0 - 16 Mar 2002

v0.5 - 19 Sep 2000