Open source code from Jay Barker, username jbarker on GitHub.


You are Here / gae-ip-geolocation
A simple service based upon IP address. Written in Go for Google App Engine.
Robot Talk / dev-automation-small
From the presentation Automation in the Small: Code to Cloud. Written in shell script & more.


X's & O's / groovy-tictactoe
The game Tic-Tac-Toe (Noughts & Crosses). Written in Groovy.
Test Me / scala-fizzbuzz
FizzBuzz with unit tests, sbt support. Written in Scala.
Old School / basic98
Over 50 small scripts from 1998. Written in BASIC.


Before App Stores / reflect-palmos
This novelty app turns a mobile device into a mirror. Written in C for Palm OS Garnet.


RFC (2397 + 2557) / cssembed
Forked. Fixed support for MHTML data URIs in Internet Explorer. Written in Java.
this.web /
The repository for this static web site.

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